The Luna Vibrations Philosophy 


Everyone deserves to achieve inner peace. In today’s world, stress has become the status quo. We brag about how busy we are, how late we worked, how much we have to do, and how little time. We are constantly chasing something — the next promotion, the next raise, our kid’s acceptance into the best schools. This stress however, comes with a tax to our physical and emotional health, and one day these taxes catch up to us and make us realize that we need to take care of ourselves in order to successfully handle all of the challenges that the universe throws our way. Whether you are currently dealing with life’s obstacles, or you would like to be proactive with your own well being before the rollercoaster ride hits its free fall, you deserve to have the tools for self care, to feel whole again, to be and live your best self.

Luna Vibrations is a donation based practice, and proceeds are donated to Project Worthmore, an organization that supports refugees in the Denver area through a variety of services including ESL classes, a medical clinic, a community farm, and food share.

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About Zhalisa, Luna Vibrations Founder

Life is always filled with unexpected journeys and Zhalisa’s path to the here and now has been filled with the twists and turns to which we all should be accustomed in our own way and our own form. A child of immigrants, she experienced an early understanding of what survival means, both physically in the then “murder capital” of Washington DC in the '90s, and emotionally as an under-represented minority in the Ivy League rat race towards society’s definition of success. Personal health challenges led her down the path of healing, but quickly expanded to a more body, mind, and spirit focus. Trained in India, Zhalisa is a certified yoga instructor, she’s studied Ayurveda and Tibetan Singing Bowl sound healing. She has trained in Vipassana Meditation, and she is certified in the ancient Japanese energy healing technique of Reiki. Zhalisa’s approach to healing is to help you channel the healing energy that is already inside of you, your inner self, your higher self, your true power.